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SONYA KREES is a Ukrainian womenswear brand based in the heart of Kyiv. While opening the new places at the world map and getting inspired by the free spirit of travels, SONYA KREES founders – a designer Julia Rozhanska and a technical entrepreneur Oleksandr Rozhansky – decided to focus on creating the clothes that will remain relevant for many seasons in a row, despite the kaleidoscopes of short-term trends. They believe that light blouses, perfect suits and fitted dresses can make a good basis for each wardrobe.

The hallmarks of SONYA KREES clothes are lightness of silhouettes, versatility of cut and usage of hand finishing. Brand’s collections are different, just like the women who wear them, but always fresh, feminine and perfectly tailored.

SONYA KREES is telling the story of the present and the future – harmonious, bright and necessarily happy.

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Designer Women’s Clothes that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

A classic style of clothes is taken as the basis for success, good taste, and elegance. Reserved, flawless and simple, the classic style has won the love of millions of women around the world. Many celebrities have become the standard of this style. Among them, there are such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Margaret Thatcher, and many other elegant ladies. It is a kind of standard, choosing which, it’s impossible to make a mistake.

Classics is something that never goes out of fashion. No wonder they say that if you do not know what to wear, choose a classic style. What is the secret of classic style? Above all, it’s the integrity of the image, harmony, and the sharpness of the lines. The classic image is tactful but not pedantic to the boredom. It’s restrained but not arrogant. We offer you designer women’s clothing online with the new look on modern classics.

Why Should You Choose Designer Clothes for Women?

Today, more and more women prefer to buy their favorite brands of clothes online. It is much more convenient than visiting stores. But there is one problem you may face. How to choose the best designer womens clothes? If you are looking for cheap clothing able to meet all your criteria, look no further. Luxury women’s clothes for your money is here. It’s not the only benefit you’ll enjoy if you go shopping for our designer fashion clothes. Check what distinguishes us from other websites.

  • A wide assortment. Want to change your image completely and get new clothes for all seasons? Come here! Need a dress for an important occasion? Or maybe you are looking for a new pair of shoes? Here you’ll find women’s coats for cold seasons. There is a wide assortment of clothes for spring and summer: trousers, tops, jeans, suits, shorts, skirts, and dresses.
  • High-Quality Materials. Quality is our main priority. We choose only the premium quality Italian fabric and accessories for our clothes. So, you can be sure that clothes you’ll buy here will last for years. The coat you buy now will look like a new one next season.
  • Affordable prices. Buy women’s clothes on our site and get a discount. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our cheap prices for designer clothes. Wear new collections paying less than at other clothes sites. Also, don’t forget to visit us during the sale! We have it from time to time. So, follow us not to miss a great opportunity to get top-quality clothes for cheap.
  • The latest trends. We offer a unique combination of classics and modern trends. We’re designing original clothes for you to look perfect. Want to stand out from the crowd? We will help you to do this! Wear our feminine designer womens clothes plus enjoy the handmade bright elements. Our clothes always fit the size and don’t go out of fashion for long.

Get Luxury Women’s Clothes from a Trustworthy Site

Create an account on our site and enjoy safe shopping. We never disclose personal details of our customers. So, feel free to register and share your contacts. We do our best for you to feel comfortable when buying clothing from us. Choose the most convenient payment method, get the email notification, and wait for your order.

Buy  designer womens clothes whenever you are as we offer worldwide shipping. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. Our friendly managers will be happy to help you to choose the style that will suit you. Want to hear mens “Wow, she is just gorgeous!” when passing by? Then, start adding classic upscale clothes to your shopping basket!

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Подпишитесь на нашу рассылку, чтобы первыми получать новости от SONYA KREES, и получите скидку 10% на ваш новый заказ